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How Does Solar-Power Work?

Before you rush off and buy our Solar-Powered House Number Sign, be sure to understand how it works and how to get the best from this unique product!

A solar-powered light does what a normal light does, only it draws power from the sun in order to function, while regular lights require electricity. Our solar-powered house number sign has very few components to go wrong, it draws its power from an in-built battery that is charged using the power of the sun which then traps the energy inside.

It uses a photovoltaic effect in order to function which is the core of the device and responsible for converting sunlight to electricity.

Solar cells are those dark panels that you can see at the top of the device.

The solar cell is made with different crystalline silicon layers that create layers containing positively charged spaces and negatively charged electrons so when sunlight enters the solar cell, it powers up the electrons and pushes them to the spaces with a positive charge.

Then, in order to transfer electricity to the battery, the electron stream is transferred as an electric current by using the wires that are part of the solar cell.  As it gets dark outside and there is no more sunlight to harvest, the solar cells halt this conversion process.

The solar-power house number sign has a built-in photoreceptor that detects the darkness and automatically turns on the device.

There are two important things to be mentioned here :

The solar-power house number sign has to benefit from plenty of daylight in order for the battery to fully charge. This means that you have to place the device in an open exposed area near to the front door of your house, making sure there aren’t any objects that could cover the device’s solar panel in shadow during the day (like trees, shrubs, house walls, etc.)

You can’t expect any solar-powered device to have a similar battery power during all seasons. During winter, for example, the days are shorter, which means that the device’s solar panel won’t benefit from the same amount of sun exposure as it does in the summer.

However, even on days where sunshine may be infrequent, the device still saves small amounts of ambient light called trickle charging so it will soon re-charge!

So there you have it, a great device that illuminates your house number, environmentally friendly, no carbon footprint, and no running costs!

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