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The following may read like a bibliography for such a simple, clever product but we like to be absolutely transparent about what it does, how it works, and how to get the best from this Solar-Powered House Number Sign!

About The Device

This Solar-Powered House Number Light with a built-in Emergency Beacon is a night-time house sign that, as the product name suggests, utilises solar power energy!

Key Benefits

This unique product offers the following key benefits :

Normal Mode – Visitors Who Want To Locate Your House Such As Delivery Drivers,

Normal Mode – Taxi Pick Ups / Takeaway Deliveries,

Beacon Mode – Help Emergency Services Visually Locate Your Property FAST!

Beacon Mode – For Elderly / Vulnerable – Alerting Nearby Neighbours For Assistance,

Preparing Device Activation

This Solar-Powered House Number Light has been stored for a period of time prior to shipment in which case, the built-in battery (as you may expect) may be depleted and will require re-changing.

Simply place the device outside facing the path of the Sun allowing the device to recharge – we recommend two full days of sunshine will re-energise the battery and thereafter when mounted, will automatically re-charge during sunny days.

In the UK, in the summer months, the Sun will be seen to rise in the northeast, and as it travels clockwise it climbs higher in the sky until it reaches its highest point, at which point it is due south. From there it descends until it sets north-west.


Device Construction

This solar powered door sign is constructed using recycled polished stainless-steel and is both light and compact : Size : 17.7 x 15 x 5cm – Weight : Approx – 0.42kg


The door sign is powered using solar energy – both environmentally friendly and sustainable. It contains a single, disposable rechargeable AA FR14500 3.2V 500MaH battery which has a lifetime of approximately one to 2 years (if not longer).

The battery will recharge during sunlight/sunshine (solar energy) hours/periods.

Operating Modes

Press the activation button located on the left side of the device for desired operating mode :

Press 1 – Normal Use – Leave in this mode for continuous automatic use.

Press 2 – Emergency Beacon – The device will flash/activate as a visual beaconWhite/Red

Press 3 – Off – Used to deactivate the device when you go away on holidays or leave ‘as is’.

Independent Power Source

As a solar-powered device, it requires no mains power, as soon as it has been affixed to its location it is ready to go and will automatically activate at night and will remain active until dawn where it will then automatically deactivate and will begin then to recharge during daylight hours.

Emergency Beacon

The device has a unique and additional built-in feature which is an Emergency Beacon which when activated, pulses red/white acting as a visual guide in assisting emergency services (when called) to your exact location – it does not summon or send any digital signals/alarms.

Additionally, it is also ideal for those who are vulnerable or elderly who may use this visual aid when in need of assistance from close friends or neighbors who overlook the property.

Simply select mode 2 to activate the Emergency Beacon which will pulse – white/red and after the event, simply reset to normal mode – press 1

Operating Period

This solar-powered product has been tested / operated for countries such as the UK, Germany, United States, France, and other counties with differing weather climates.

During such tests on a fully charged battery, the device sustained a total working period for no less than 10+hours which is more than sufficient to cover typical evening / night time periods.


Step 1 – Locating Device

Find an appropriate position / location i.e., near to the front door or entrance in which to affix the device. Select an area where the device is exposed to constant daylight / sunlight then simply affix the unit to masonry / brick wall.

Step 2 – Affixing Device To The Wall

To affix to the wall, simply place and hold this section as shown above, as a location template, mark the two (2) holes using a marker pen.

Then, drill the two (2) 8mm diameter holes. Insert the supplied raw plugs into the holes and using the screws supplied, insert and tighten to leave an approximate 10mm length in which to attach the device.

Step 3 – Attaching House Number

Before affixing the device to the wall, wipe the white facia panel so that it is clean. Select your house numbers from the self-adhesive numerals and letters provided, simply affix each letter / number to the white front panel. Should you make a mistake, simply peel off and try again.

Then, test to ensure that the device is set to normal (1) operating mode using the activation button on the side of the device as explained in the Operating Modes above.

Step 4 – Securing the Device

Now, simply present the device to the securing screws and then, with a firm hand, push the device down, slotting and securing it into place. Then, simply wipe the whole unit with a clean damp cloth – do not use solvents or detergents!

Step 5 – Setting Up / First Time Activation

The built-in battery was charged at the time of manufacture, but it may need to top-up whilst it was in storage. When the device has been located/fitted, it will automatically begin re-charging during daylight hours.

Change of Battery

As with all batteries and after approximately one to two years (if not longer) of continuous use, the rechargeable AA battery may need changing. To do this, remove the device from its location, open the front panel by releasing the securing lock screw which is located on the bottom of the unit.

With the device now open, simply pop-open the battery compartment’s cover (it has glue to secure it, use a sharp blade to splice it off) and then simply add a new rechargeable AA FR14500 3.2V 500MaH replacement battery. Then, simply reassemble the device, wipe the whole unit, especially the solar panel, with a clean, damp cloth, reaffix to its location – done!

Please ensure that you dispose of the old battery responsibly toward protecting the environment. In most shopping stores, they have a free battery collection box for recycling.

Safety Information

CAUTION CHOKING HAZARD : The product comes with small component parts i.e. screws and wall plugs, so please keep the device packaging material away from small children/pets. The device is not a toy and should be kept out of the reach of small children. We do not take any responsibility if this instruction manual is not followed correctly, the device has been modified, or resulting in damage to person/s or property.

Device Power

As the product name suggests, it utilises solar power energy to power the device.

In some Countries like the UK where sunshine can be intermittent and overcast, the device will continue to use the stored energy from the internal battery. IF the battery is exhausted, thus the device may cease, it will soon re-charge whenever sunshine becomes available and resume normal operation.

Device Maintenance

The device is easy to maintain, simply wipe the whole unit periodically with a clean damp cloth, do not use solvents or detergents.

Customer Care

This product has a full 1-year guarantee with full support – for help and support, simply contact us or telephone : 01902 595 103

Your Consumer Rights

Your Consumer Protection Rights are important to us, so we’re letting you know that you are fully protected with InGeniousUK Limited, a British/UK-based company.

Product Feedback

May we take this opportunity in thanking customers for their valued custom, feedback, suggestions, and product ideas!